My New Purchases: Two Lace Dresses and More

Shopping time. Again my last purchases include new collection items, that are gaining more space inside shops, and what remains of the old collections, that is now ultra-cheap.
One of the two lace Women’s Dresses in Chicago  I bought at Intimissimi isn’t actually a dress. It is a combination of two slips resulting in a double-layer dress: the exterior of lace, the interior of microfibre. As you can see, it’s very feminine and dressy, but I would like to make it jauntier. I’m already thinking on the possible matchings, so if you liked to help me, every advice would be welcome. 
The other Women’s Dresses in Los Angeles is more versatile instead. I might wear it to go out in the evening, but also for a walk in the afternoon- combined with a pair of flats and a casual blazer.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to the moment in which I will wear them, because that would imply the end of these long rainy days. (I can’t stand them no more!)
The animal print tank top is suitable for next season too, even if it belongs to the winter collection of a brand sold in a shop of Pavia centre. The same can be said for the shoes, bought in the shop where I got my red pumps (you find them qui) and the black ones (you find them here).Women’s Dresses in New York

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