Afflatus® HD Vision Day and Night Unisex Goggles Anti-Glare Polarized Sunglasses Men/Women Driving Glasses UV Protection All Bikes&Car-Pack of 2 Goggles (Yellow/Black)

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About this Item
✪High contrast enhancement for absolutely sharp vision in difficult light .
✪Wear over sunglasses also have the extra special feature of periphery protection which blocks light from all directions, and keeps your eyes protected no matter where you go!
✪HD Vision Wraparounds let you see with enhanced color and clarity just like high definintion TV’s and at the fraction of a price of designer glasses.
✪ Highly saturated colors reduces glare enhances contrasts
✪STYLISH FIT-OVER + WRAP-AROUND DESIGN YOU CAN WEAR ANYWHERE Timeless and classic Italian design, yet exuding ingenuity and innovation, for you to wear with confidence on or off the road. Available in our classic colour way – Black Frames.